We’re starting the new year with a renewed interest in smoked beers and starting a series of smokey episodes by going all-in with a 100% alderwood smoked beer. Lawton Boone and Jackson Stucker sent us their Stjørdal-Style Farmhouse Ale, brewed with alderwood-smoked malt from Sugar Creek Malt Company, and it absolutely brew our minds! Join us for a virtual tasting of this uniquely smoked beer, discussion of the Norwegian farmhouse ale recipe it was inspired by, and other topics that relate to smoked malt, smoked beer, kveik, and more.
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100% Alderwood-Smoked Stjørdal-Style Farmhouse Ale

Jørund Geving’s Stjørdalsøl (from Historical Brewing Techniques)

Chip’s Shorelunch Smoked Red Ale

Historical Brewing Techniques by Lars Marius Garshol

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