Amy Dallen from D&D Beyond and Phil Beckwith from Ghostfire Gaming jump aboard this week’s episode for a final Dragonlance preview! Dael’s jacket doesn’t have pockets and Ben’s positively buzzing.

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Dael: @DailyDael
Amy: @enthusiamy
Phil: @PhilBeckwithDnD

00:00 – Intro
00:42 – Dael’s pockets
01:28 – Which monster is most underused?
06:08 – Which dragon is best dragon?
09:31 – Dragonlance final preview!
23:09 – Wizard’s responds to the OGL and SRD rumors
24:09 – Introducing D&D to your family
36:34 – Honor Among Thieves minis & plushies
40:33 – Favorite non-D&D supplements?
48:29 – Pacing your TTRPG campaign.

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