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I have been passionate about home brewing beer for about 16 years now. My adventures in home brewing started in 2006, home brewing simple home brew extract beer styles like IPA’s, Stouts, and Wheat recipes using the basic inexpensive homebrewing equipment purchased from my local home brew supply store for about $200 bucks.

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After about 2 years of extract brewing, i decided to take the dive into all-grain home brewing by studying some of the best homebrewing books i could find. My girlfriend and now wife didn’t really like the bitter taste of beer at the time and wondered if it would be possible if i could make my home brew beer recipes “sweeter”, with less hop bitterness:… This is when it all started: ‘CandyBeer’ was born.

I took my grandmothers homemade candy-making recipes, infused it into my beer using a simple home brewing technique i learned from a home brewing book. This was the start of something big.. Friends, Family and my Girlfriend loved this stuff i called “Candy beer”… So with some valuable input from my girlfriend to enhance the beer flavors with fresh exotic fruits, and specialty teas..The Rest Is History..

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I Became The First Man In The World To Invent “CandyBeer” In 2008…

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