In this homebrewing video, we attempt to brew a banana bread beer that has malty, roasty, and nutty flavors with a strong banana character. To achieve this flavor profile, we do some uncharacteristic things during the brew day. At the end of the video, we tell you how we might modify this recipe to make your banana bread beer better than ours. In order to achieve roasted malt flavors in this beer, we do a decoction mash. This is a unique mashing method where you boil some of the mash separately and add it back in. In order to achieve nutty flavors in our beer, we add real walnuts to the wort. We, of course, added a bunch of real bananas into the fermenter to try and give our beer a real, all-natural, banana flavor. After fermentation was complete, we aged this beer for a long time in order to improve the flavor. A banana bread beer can serve many purposes, we imagine it as more of a dessert beer due to its dark body (like a brown ale) and high ABV. Drink this beer during the winter months or serve it with the last course at a dinner party along with chocolate cake or any kind of rich dessert. Check out the resources below for a full recipe, brewing equipment, and an interesting article about the Mysterious World of Banana Beer.

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