All grain whiskey can be a little intimidating. Today we are breaking it down into a simple to follow process to help you make the transition from sugar washes to all-grain.
Let’s get stuck in with an easy all grain whiskey wash.

If you are getting started keep it simple with the grains or grist. Pick one base malt and go with that. I would suggest an ale malt to start with.

Recipe (makes around 23l or 6 gal of wash at 1.070 – 1.080 gravity)
23 l / 6 gal of strike water
8 kg / 18.3 lb of base malt
Mash at 65 c ./ 149 f for 60 min (90 if doing the Co-Lab)

You will need your strike water to be hotter than your mash temp. I used 72 c / 161 f. But its best for you to calculate your own based on volumes and temps. You can find a calculator here:

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