CRAFT BEER PODCAST INFO: Danny Ranville of Bière de Mac Brew Works joins us to talk about being the first brewery in ‘The City’, how he’s attracting guests during the off-tourist season, and why he continues to push the limitations of choices in his brewhouse without scaring off customers. From altbiers to black IPA’s, Danny talks about his love for beer, the sense of community those who live in the northern lower-peninsula, and what to expect when you get to his brewhouse. Hear about his ‘TED’ talks that occur but from folks like horticulturists and artillery specialists. This isn’t your average trivia night!

MICHIGAN SERIES: Having brought in guests from all over the country this past year, we wanted to still be true to our roots, so we have began the Michigan Series. A series of Michigan Brewery owners, employees, brewers, and sales reps, talking about what is happening here in the state and what is happening at their facilities.

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