Wes from Great Fermentations gives an overview of the Blichmann BrewEasy including the various components, how to set it up, and ultimately how to brew with the BrewEasy.

Now available in a gas (propane/nat. gas) powered and electric version!

We’ve got the BrewEasy setup on concrete blocks which makes it look considerably taller than it actually is. This is not required, it’s just how our brewery is setup. Our 5 gallon system only measures a short 44 inches tall once assembled.

To purchase the BrewEasy system, head on over to our website using the URL above. We sell the all-in-one turnkey system, or if you have existing components you can piece it together. Turnkey system is currently only available in gas, but Blichmann will be releasing an electric version in the near future. Check back at the same URL for details.

NOTE: This video shows the BrewEasy system with the G1 style BoilerMaker brew pots. All new BrewEasy systems purchased will have the newer G2 brew pots!

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