Since this video came out long af here’s a table of contents:
Introduction/Series explanation: 0:15
Assembling the grain mill: 4:20
Getting water: 5:40
Brew Day starts: 5:48
Milling grain & grain bill: 7:28
Water Additions: 9:55
Mashing in: 11:07
Showcasing current beers: 15:08
Hazy DIPA brag: 17:25
Hop choice & explanation: 18:10
Mash complete, squeeze bag: 19:35
Pre-boil gravity: 20:26
Boil & hop additions: 22:10
Brew Day complete: 22:28
Yeast choice & explanation: 23:45
Racking into fermenter: 25:37
Outro & final gravity: 26:44

This video is about twice as long as I wanted it to be, and contains MUCH more of me talking to the camera than it should, but I hope you enjoyed this first episode nonetheless! Stay tuned for the results in a few days!

10 Day Brews is a series in which I make a beer from scratch, grain to glass in 10 days or less. While unconventional, I aim to prove that good and even great beer can be made quickly; going against traditional standards for brewing and conditioning.
I will be tweaking the styling and formatting of these videos as I go along, please give me feedback! I am always concerned about making my videos very watchable, so if there’s anything you can do without, or would like added let me know.

Inverse Effects – Raspberry Vanilla Stout
Target OG: 1.060-1.065 Actual OG: 1.074
Brewhouse Efficiency: 73%
Date Brewed: 12/27/20
Total Recipe cost: ~$43
(includes cost of RO water, grains, hops, and flavorings)

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