Thanks to Great Fermentations for sending me this Brain Eater Pale Ale kit! It’s the first Dry hop I’ve done in a year! *Recipe & Link in the description!*

You can get the same kit I brewed in the link below!

All grain kit & Recipe:

Metric Recipe:

Brewfather App:
Clawhammer Supply 240v Electric system:
Grain from Northern Brewer:
Brewbuilt fermenter:
Brew built lineup
Spunding valve:
Blichmann Riptide pump:
Monster Mill:
Grain scale:
Hop scale:
Hudson sprayer for sanitizer:

Pulley stuff
Beam & Trolley (The square channel & the thing that slides):
Block and Tackle (the thing that takes all the weight):
Swing Side Pulley (on the wall):

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