Northern Brewer University takes a deep dive into one of the hottest (er… coldest) new craft beer styles: Cold IPA. Course instructor Chip Walton breaks down the style guidelines and ingredients to look at what makes Cold IPA unique from other IPAs and hoppy beer styles. Hear the style’s origin story directly from the brewer credited with developing the style, Kevin Davey of Wayfinder Beer, and learn more about what he considers the essential elements of a Cold IPA. You’ll also hear from two more professional brewers — Aaron Herman from Arbeiter Brewing Co. and Dr. Kristen England from Bent Brewstillery — about their Cold IPA techniques and get a bit into the business of selling IPAs. Then it’s time to brew! Two Northern Brewer homebrewers walk us through their different methods for making a Cold IPA in three video demonstrations. #coldipa #homebrew #onlinecourses

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