CRAFT BEER PODCAST INFO: Allen, Co-Founder of Wonderland Distilling and also Burning Foot Beer Festival talks to us about running a beer fest and music fest simultaneously on Lake Michigan. He talks about the things he’s learned running the festival, and we dive deep into festival expansion, and maybe some future bands we may see at the fest!

00:00- Introductions
07:55- Brewery Expansion From Michigan
13:50- Planning The Fest
18:15- What To Expect
24:30- Festival Expansion
38:00- Final Questions

MICHIGAN SERIES: Having brought in guests from all over the country this past year, we wanted to still be true to our roots, so we have began the Michigan Series. A series of Michigan Brewery owners, employees, brewers, and sales reps, talking about what is happening here in the state and what is happening at their facilities.

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