CRAFT BEER PODCAST: The crew is back for the start of 2017 with their first show of the new year.  The studio is full with the Better on Draft Crew as well as their first guests of 2017, Farmington Brewing Company. Rob talks the news, as Rob asks the studio their picks for Ashley’s Brewery Throwdown.  And Matt returns with an NFL Playoff edition of 5 Questions.

00:00- Introductions
8:36- Farmington Brewing Introduction
14:20- Homebrewing and First Brews
20:50- Flagship Beers and Opening an Off-Site Facility
23:25- Beer Festivals and Opening Up
29:04- Why Farmington?
37:52- Back Story of Blood Orange
41:12- Segment 2~Introductions
42:20- Discontinued Beers & Happy Accidents
54:00- Ashley’s Westland Throwdown Predictions (2017)
1:03:02- Porch Drinking Article- Stop Cellaring Beer
1:10:40- Segment 3~5 Questions with Matt Bush
1:37:11- Closing

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