CRAFT BEER PODCAST INFO: From 805 to Union Jack, Merlin Milk Stout to Parabola, Firestone Walker is known for so many of its award winning beers, but what if I told you there is more about them you didn’t know? Join Dan, Nick, Ken and Rob as they sit down in their virtual taproom to talk to Califronia’s second largest brewery, Firestone Walker. Sam Tierney, head brewer of their R&D brewhouse The Propagator joins us to talk about the technical parts of brewing, the many differences in the systems with the main brewhouse and more. Sam touches on the Duval purchase of the brewery and the importance of The Propagator doing all of the research. When was the last time you had an 805? I think it’s time to grab one and celebrate six years of the Propagator and 26 years of Firestone Walker.

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