Here’s a sneak peek at my garage brewery! Between the physical labor, trying to film content and working my day job, it has been exhausting but very rewarding. *HOP WTR discount code in description!*

Since it makes it tough to drink beer while working with power tools and climbing on ladders, I’ve tried to find something to keep my head in the game during the build. I was glad to be introduced to HOP WTR, a sparkling water brewed with Columbus and Centennial hops PLUS it has adaptogens and nootropics that help counteract the effects of stress (and I have a lot of it), boost memory and alertness, and to just help me relax because I definitely need that right now!

HOP WTR comes in three flavors Classic, Mango and Blood Orange…I’m digging the Classic which tastes like a very light IPA. It’s crisp, refreshing and just hoppy enough.

All my brewer friends out there, you gotta give this a try.
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