CRAFT BEER PODCAST INFO: Brian Newcomb and Tyler Kueber of Ground Breaker Brewing joined us to talk about the different techniques of gluten free brewing, the different ingredients used, and the need for more gluten free products in the market for the 20 million Americans living with some for of Coeliacs/Gluten Intolerance diseases. Brian talks about it from the perspective of someone who lives a GF life, while Tyler was able to start a career knowing friends who needed the type of beer. Listen as we talk about the legalities and differences between gluten reduced and gluten free, and we discuss the future of gluten free products.

00:00- Introductions
03:41- Gluten Removed vs. Gluten Free
10:18- Tyler Getting Into Brewing GF Beer
12:25- Ingredients in GF Beer
18:27- Beer Review: Inclusion Dry Hopped Pale Ale
22:35- Difficulties in Brewing Styles
25:04- Gluten Free Gastropub & Gluten Free Lifestyle
36:44- Beer Review: Olallie
39:48- Beer Review: Dark Ale
44:44- Lentils in Beer
49:07- Where In MI To Find Ground Breaker
53:09- Final Questions

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