Haystack Saison pays respects to the pre-modern farmhouse ales traditionally brewed during spring on Belgian farms. Firm bitterness and a slightly elevated alcohol content ensures this beer will keep through summer, but is a perfect treat year round. Peppery spice flavors are deftly sown into fruitful notes of earthy tartness and baled with fresh hay-like malt character. This is not a beer to leave fallow. Even young, crack a bottle and harvest the yield of your labors – you worked for it. It’s farmhouse brewing at home!
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Haystack Saison Beer Recipe Kit
* Extract:
* All-Grain:

00:00 – Intro/History of Saison
00:29 – Malt and Hops
01:10 – Yeast Option: SafAle BE-134
01:45 – Yeast Option: Omega OYL-500 Saisonstein
02:40 – Yeast Option: Imperial B64 Napoleon
03:30 – Yeast Option: Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison

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