Split batch, Lutra vs Diamond Lager. Never before seen on the Apartment Brewer channel, can Lutra hold its own against a true lager yeast? This Oktoberfest, we find out.
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Recipe for 10 gallons, your efficiency may vary:

“The Captains Ration”

6.3% ABV 23 IBU

12 lb Weyermann Barke (47.5%)
8 lb Weyermann Dark Munich (31.7%)
2 lb Weyermann Vienna (7.9%)
1.75 lb Caramunich III (6.9%)
1.5 lb Melanoidin Malt (5.9%)

Single infusion mash at 150 F (65.5C) for 60 min
Mashout: 170F (77 C) for 15 min

Water: 16 Gallons (60 L) of spring water + 4g CaCl
Adjust mash pH to 5.4-5.6 with lactic acid or slaked lime if needed.

60 min boil
60 min – 4 oz (112g) Hallertau Mittelfrueh (4% AA)

OG: 1.058

Yeast (Split Batch):
Lutra Kveik
Lallemand Diamond Lager

(Lutra) Ferment at 95-100 F (35-38 C) for 3-5 days
(Diamond Lager) Ferment at 55-60 F (13 C) for 10-14 days, then raise to 72 F (22 C) for diacetyl rest for 3 days.

FG: 1.011
0:00 Intro and welcome
0:25 Beer description and approach
3:02 Recipe
5:40 Brew day
9:17 Fermentation Plan
14:50 Fermentation Follow-Up
15:36 Pour and Tasting Notes
25:23 Potential Improvements
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