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Where do I get wood to age whiskey? How do I treat oak for whisky? What char or toast do I use for rum? These are all questions I get all the time!

So its high time I made an overview or 101 videos about the process of obtaining, treating and storing wood for distilled spirits.

This really is an overview, so if you have a request for more details on any of the specifics let me know.

Badmotivator barrels:

It turns out oak cubes/chunks are much cheaper from the LHBS in the USA (makes sense)
American Oak Cubes/Chunks:

French Oak Cubes/Chunks:

Infusion Spirals (A little meh IMO):

Oak Chips:

5 gal US white oak barrel – $100:

Check out Adventure In Home Brewing’s full “oak” range. There is a lot!:


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