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Today Dan from @Hops & Gnarly challenges to me to create a non-alcoholic sour beer. Two things I’ve never done before! I’ll use technique and new brewing skills to make this 0% sour beer come to life. Hopefully I can make the Gnarly man proud!

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Recipe for 2 gals (7.6L):
-36% Pilsner
-55% Flaked Wheat
-9% Caramunich
– 1 Pellet of Cascade
-WLP029 German Ale Yeast
Mash @ 158ºF (~70ºC) for about 30 mins
Boil for 15 mins
Add 5oz of Goodbelly & sour until pH is about 3.5
Bring to boil and add Hop
Ferment around 69ºF (~20C) for 2-3 Days
Original Gravity: 1.012
Final Gravity: 1.004
ABV: 1%
Add Campden + Potassium Sorbate, wait 24 hours
Add equal parts Passionfruit juice to lower ABV to 0.5%

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