Want a delicious Oktoberfest to share for your fall time festivities but ran out of time (or don’t have the capability) to lager a proper classic example? Fear not, Mocktoberfest to the rescue. Around this time of year we here at Northern Brewer get asked a lot how to brew a quick-turn version of an Oktoberfest. It goes by many names: Mocktoberfest, Fauxtoberfest, Aletoberfest. But in the end they are pretty much the same and they are surprisingly easy to brew and ferment, in much less time than their true lagered counterparts. In this video, we look at some yeast strain options and fermentation process hacks to get you on your way to a fest-worthy beer. #mocktoberfest #homebrew #oktoberfest

Northern Brewer Oktoberfest Beer Recipe Kit
* Extract:
* All-Grain:

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