In this brewing video we’re making a Belgian Tripel. A Belgian Tripel is a traditional golden ale that has a high ABV with a sweet flavor and dry finish. This beer is commonly drunk during celebrations or parties and in this video, we’re brewing our Belgian Tripel to take to a wedding and share with family and friends. Some of the most famous Belgian Tripel varieties, like the Westmalle Tripel, are brewed in monasteries by monks. This homebrew recipe is an extremely easy one to make that yields great results, we recommend you follow along with this tutorial and brew it just like we did. Although, you could make a yeast starter instead of just buying a lot of yeast as we did. Midway through this homebrewing video, we take a trip to a local bottle shop and buy a Westmalle, Dulle Teve, and Allagash Tripel. Then, we take a trip to New Belgium brewery and buy their Tripel to make a beermosa (beer and orange juice). In our opinion, the New Belgium Tripel is best for making a beer mimosa and we show you how to do it in this video. To finish this brew day out, we add candy syrup to the wort in order to boost the ABV and give our tripel a sweeter flavor. We also add two packs of WLP530 Abbey Ale Yeast from White Labs. We recommend you pair this beer with bold foods like ham and cheese or spicy cajun style foods like andouille sausage. Check out the resources below for brewing equipment, a tripel tasting video, a recipe, and an informative article about the history of the Westmalle Tripel.

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Westmalle Tripel History:

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