I discuss some of my favorite sources of homebrew recipes, point out a few sources you might want to avoid, and walk through my steps for building a recipe for a my recent Belgian Blond.

Recipe resources mentioned:
• BJCP Style Guidelines:
• American Hombrewers Association Recipes:
• Make Your Best at Craft Beer & Brewing:
• Brewing Classic Styles:
• Modern Homebrew Recipes:
• How to Brew:
• Mastering Homebrew:
• Designing Great Beer:
• Mean Brews:
• Homebrew Talk Top 100:
• Homebrew Talk Recipes:

P.S. I noticed after I filmed, edited and uploaded this one, the video of me was shot in a low quality setting. I was evaluating different camera settings a while back, and I forgot to switch it back. Luckily, the video of me is not critical to the content of the video.

0:00 – Recipe Creation Overview
1:52 – My Favorite Recipe Sources
7:46 – Some Questionable Recipe Sources
9:09 – Finding a Belgian Blond Recipe
13:57 – My Belgian Blond Recipe
14:55 – Recipe Creation Recap

Intro music from RKCV:

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