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Carbonation is final piece to the puzzle for home brewers, and while bottling is inexpensive, kegging is way easier, quicker, and more fun! Today I’ll go over all the basics and the components needed to keg, as well as show you what you need to make or buy your own kegerator.

EQUIPMENT (Affiliate Links):
Mini Keg:
CO2 Tank:
CO2 Regulator:
Beer Line & Gas Line:
Picnic Tap:
Ball Lock Keg Connections:
Keg O Rings:

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Carbonation Methods (Including Burst):


0:00 Intro
0:32 Why Keg?
1:44 Main Parts
4:57 Carbonating
6:40 Basic Option
7:07 Kegerators
8:22 New Air Partnership
9:30 Long Term
10:14 Get Kegging!

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