I have wanted to distill rice wine (baiju or soju) for a long time. But the traditional methods always seemed like just a little too much work.

Thankfully I came across angel yeasts yellow label product. It promises to allow you to ferment starch WITHOUT mashing OR boiling! How crazy is that?!?

I decided to put it to the test to make my own distilled rice wine. Its similar to a traditional baiju or soju, more importantly its EASY to make.

After the testing in the video this is the recipe I would make again. You can split it into multiple fermenters like I did, or ferment in one larger fermenter

You will need:
6- 12 kg (13 – 26 lb) of rice (I used 6kg of medium grain)
36 g (1.3 oz) Angel Label Yeast (Yellow label version!)

Mill the rice. Ideally to small course pieces
Add almost boiling water (around 3x the volume of rice)
Agitate well (A paint mixer is great)
Let it sit for 1 hr
Top up with cold or warm water as needed to reach a total volume of 55 l (14 gal) and reach a temp of 30c (86 f)
Hydrate the yeast in 35c water ( 95 f)
Add the hydrated yeast to the rice wash and agitate again
Ferment at 30c (86 f)
Wait another 3 days after fermentation has stopped then rack to your still
Run 3x stripping runs
Slowly distill the low wines in one spirit run
Make good cuts based on flavour

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00:00 Intro
00:20 Yellow Label
02:25 The Test Idea
02:55 Milling Rice
03:57 Cooked Rice Wash
05:26 Hot Water Rice Wash
05:52 Cold Water Rice Test
06:14 Hydrating The Yellow Label & Pitching
07:53 Fermentation recap
08:45 Stripping Runs
10:05 Test Results
11:46 Recommended Recipe
12:50 Spirit Run
14:59 Tasting & Thoughts

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