Today we are home distilling Gateway gin. If you want to learn how to make your own gin that dials back the pine and resin a little you have come to the right place!

This is a gin for “people that don’t like gin”. A gateway gin to get people started. We are going to dial back the juniper pine and resin by adding less juniper. Then bring back some of the earthy and berry notes with other ingredients.

In some ways I guess this is more like a Geneva

Gateway Gin:
2L White Whisky at 40% / 90 Proof (made from malted barley not corn)
18 g Juniper ( 0.63 oz)
10 g Frozen Blueberrys ( 0.35 oz)
5 g Corriander Seeds, whole! (0.17 0z)
2 Small Lime Peels (no pith/white stuff)
2 small Lemon Peels (no pith/white stuff)
1 g Angelica Seeds (0.035 oz)

Macerate the botanicals for 5-10 hrs. If you have an electric still with exposed elements you will need to macerate for a week then strain the botanicals out.

Add to the still, run a low slow steady drip on a pot still.

Throw away around about 100ml (28 oz) as heads to taste. Then collect the next 800 – 900 ml (27-30 oz) to taste as hearts.

Proof down to your preferred ABV/Proof. I like 45% / 90 Proof.

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