We kick off four-part Mardi Gras Madness mini-series with the most iconic and essential of Carnival season treats – the King Cake. Chip talks Matt Haines, the author of The Big Book of King Cake about all things King Cake: what they are, how they continue to evolve, who are the bakers making them, and why the Crescent City rallies around them. Plus, they discuss some of the Great Debates of King Cake. #mardigras #kingcake #neworleans

The Big Book of King Cake

King Cake Recipes to Try at Home

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00:00 – Introduction
03:03 – What is a King Cake?
05:34 – Innovation & Tradition
08:26 – Great Debates of King Cake
14:34 – King Cake Parties
15:31 – Everyone Gets into the King Cake Spirit
17:32 – Matt’s Favorite King Cake (at the Moment)
19:36 – Wrap-Up

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