This Northern Brewer University online course looks at what brewer’s yeast is, the different strains and formats available to homebrewers, how it’s produced, and includes expert advice from Omega Yeast Labs and Fermentis on selecting and using yeast in your brewing. Prepare for some serious full-on yeast nerdery that will up your homebrewing skills, resulting in even better beer!

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Course Outline

Chapter 01: Yeast 101
Lesson 01: Introduction & Course Overview
Lesson 02: What is Yeast?
Lesson 03: Yeast Used for Beer Production

Chapter 02: Inside Fermentation
Lesson 01: Preparing Wort for Fermentation
Lesson 02: Life Cycle of Yeast During Fermentation

Chapter 03: A Homebrewer’s Guide to Yeast
Lesson 01: Types of Brewer’s Yeast
Lesson 02: Vital Stats for Yeast Strains
Lesson 03: Selecting a Proper Yeast Strain
Lesson 04: How Liquid Yeast is Produced
Lesson 05: Dry Yeast 101: How Dry Yeast is Produced & Used

Chapter 04: Closing Thoughts & Additional Resources
Lesson 01: Closing Thoughts & Additional Resources
Lesson 02: Course Evaluation Survey

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