In this brewing video, we’re making a Japanese Rice Lager that is similar to a beer like Asahi and Sapporo. We’re brewing this beer outside today in our backyard during a nice summer day, so we start this video off with a “cribs tour” of our backyard. Then, we get right into milling and cooking our rice, which is the essential ingredient in this beer style. We show you the right way to cook rice so you can get the right efficiency from it when you follow this homebrew recipe yourself. The only hops we use in this beer are Sorachi Ace which is the same hop variety that’s used in Sapporo beer. These hops have high alpha acids and they gave our beer a nice lemon flavor and aroma. In the middle of the video, there’s a funny fight scene that is reminiscent of old kung fu movies and the Street Fighter video game. This homebrew recipe made an excellent Japanese Rice Lager with a low ABV and a light, crisp, and smooth flavor. This is a beer we may keep on tap all the time now in the Clawhammer office. We recommend you brew this beer and take it to a dinner party so you can pair it with sushi, shellfish, pork, and spicy Asian Dishes. Check out the resources below for a full recipe, brewing equipment, and an article about how rice lagers are becoming more popular in America.

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