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Improving your cuts game is one of the fastest ways to improve the quality of your distilled product.

This video will walk you through 19 tips and tricks to improving your cuts, resulting in more effective and reliable results when making homemade spirits.

Enjoy Jesse’s Ultimate guide to kick-ass cuts for distillation! Nail your heads hearts and tails when making whiskey, whisky, gin vodka or rum.

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
2:34 Smooth Kiwis
4:10 Process Overview
6:13 Be Organized
7:04 The Jars
10:17 Taste During The Run
12:51 Hit Reset
14:46 Proof Matters
17:53 Vessel Vessel Vessel
19:44 Shoot For The Middle
21:53 Give Yourself Time
22:42 All Or Nothing?
23:50 Good Or Bad?
26:45 The Effect Of Age
27:54 Commercial Calibration
28:53 Notes!
30:02 Make A Plan
32:04 Thinking Flavours
34:46 Team Awesome!
35:10 Don’t Yolo, Test
38:46 Self Improvement
40:10 One Last Newbie Tip

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