It’s like buying 6 twelve packs of (INSERT BRAND NAME SELTZER)……but tastes better, looks cooler & also costs less? Wait….Brewing your own Hard Seltzer at home is a fun way to step into the seltzer game, and leave those store brands behind! Make any flavor combination you want, give it a higher ABV, throw a splash of color in there, the world is yours, amateur brewers!

View the recipe used in this video here:

Brewchatter supplies(seltzer yeast kit & super clear kit)
BrewWater – 5 Gallon Hard Seltzer Yeast Kit
BrewChatter Super Clear Fining Kit

The 6.5 Gal. fermenter used in this video:
Big Mouth Bubbler® – 6.5 Gallon Plastic Fermentor with Harness

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