This week I’m challenging Trent from @TheBruSho to a little NA Beer Challenge! I’m choosing a style for him to brew and he’s choosing one for me.

This episode explores a new-to-me method of brewing NA beer called Non-Enzymatic mashing or the NEM method.

NEM brewing involves mashing at very low temperatures, far below the threshold for enzymatic activity that would otherwise lead to a higher ABV beer.

Now let’s make some beer!

Learn more about NEM mashing!
Ultra-Low Brewing:
Bison Brew:

TheBruSho’s Video:

Things I used in this brew:
Brewtools Pro Series Brewing System:
BrewBuilt Ice Master 2 Glycol Chiller:
Drug Dealer Scale:
Espresso Spoons:
Hops & Gnarly Merch:

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