Chip dives into a big ol’ glass of blood-red Nosferatu Imperial Red IPA and learns about the beer’s history, ingredients and Halloween-y vibe from Michael Williams, education director for Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Here is the Nosferatu clone recipe thread via Homebrew Talk that Michael Williams mentioned and his notes from the brewery. Let us know if you brew it and how it turns out for you!

“To my eyes, the first recipe on this thread is pretty close. OG is a good starting point. FG listed here is a bit high, want this to finish drier (plus bust out that trusty ABV calculator…) I can’t get specific about weights and timings but one might want to lighten up on the specialty malt and go for more base – again, this is an IPA, not that full bodied beer. Hop schedule looks like it’d accurately recreate the flavor profile. I believe we use 1028 for yeast.”

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