A brew day episode of surprisingly smoky proportions! Chip brews Oldtoberfest Smoked Rye Lager from Dawson’s Mashmaker book and gets an unexpected suplecs of double smoke flavor from a second-generation yeast. #homebrew #kveik #fermentation #smokedbeer

** Recipes & Links **

Recipe: Oldtoberfest Smoked Rye Lager (from Mashmaker book)

Recipe: Shorelunch Campfire Smoked Red Ale

Bonus Video: Munchner Wiesn Festbier Tasting Notes

Shorelunch with Nate P. (Subscribe now. You’ll love it!)

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00:00 – Episode Introduction
02:17 – Brew Day Background
04:30 – Oldtoberfest Brew Day
12:50 – Smoked Yeast Pitch & Fermentation
21:22 – Tasting Notes with Dawson
26:06 – Closing Thoughts

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