Lance Shaner cofounder of Omega Yeast Labs, introduces you to their new Thiolized Series of yeast strains: Cosmic Punch, Helio Gazer, Star Party & Lunar Crush. These strains are engineered to maximize potential thios naturally found in malt and hops, but not generally unlocked to their full flavor potential by other ale and lager yeasts. Lance also provides some most excellent tips and techniques for using these strains in your homebrewery. #thiolizedyeast #thiols #homebrew #omegayeast

Omega Yeast Thiolized Strain Collection

00:00 – Thiolized Series Intro
00:59 – Cosmic Punch
01:34 – Helio Gazer
02:09 – Star Party
02:33 – Lunar Crush
03:12 – Thiol Precursors in Malt
04:19 – Mash Hopping
06:00 – Research on Flavor Masking & Whirlpool Hopping
07:22 – Thiol Excitement!

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