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If you are completely new to brewing, it can seem daunting to jump into brewing all grain, but that’s where Partial Mash brewing comes into play! Partial mash is the perfect in between of extract and all grain and it really doesn’t involve a ton of equipment beyond what you have at home right now. And to show you how easy partial mash brewing can be I am whipping up an Apricot Wheat beer recipe that’s about as simple as it gets and is extremely delicious!

TheBruSho is your guide to make home brewing simplified!

Recipe for 2.5 gals (9.5L):
-3.5 gals (13.2L) Filtered Water
-67% Light Dry Malt Extract [~2 lbs]
-33% White Wheat Malt [~1 lb]
– 0.25oz (~7g) Magnum @30 min
-Cellar Science Cali (about 1/2 packet)
Mash @ 154ºF (~66ºC) for about 30 mins
Boil for about 30 mins
-1/2 LB Dried ORGANIC Apricots (Dial back for less fruit punch!)
Original Gravity: 1.043
Final Gravity: 1.006
ABV: 4.9%
IBUs: ~20

EQUIPMENT (Affiliate Links):
Grain Bag:
Outdoor Burner:
Big Spoon:
Dry Malt Extract:
Yeast (equivalent) :
Big Mouth Bubbler (Fermenter): ​
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Intro: 0:00
Partial Mash: 0:24
Brew Day: 2:10
Fermentation: 6:54
Dried Apricot: 7:21
Tasting: 9:08

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