We get the down low on brewing and fermenting our collaborative Big Brew Day recipe for Fool’s Spring Saison directly from the source, Imperial Yeast’s Technical Services Specialist Alex Gruber. Alex talks about the differences you can expect from fermenting the beer with either of Imperial’s two popular saison strains, Rustic and Napoleon. And, we get a bit nerdy about pitch rates.
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Fool’s Spring Saison Homebrew Recipe:

Check out Rustic, Napoleon and all Imperial Yeast homebrew strains:

00:00 – Recipe Inspiration
01:00 – Recipe Rundown
01:56 – What Makes It Tick?
02:30 – Considering Mash Temperature
03:10 – Advice for Yeast Strains & Fermentation
08:30 – Yeast Performance, Health, and Pitch Rate
12:35 – Wrap Up

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