There’s been a lot of talk lately in homebrewing and craft beer circles about fermenting beer with lager yeast strains at the upper end (or beyond) of their suggested temperature range. So, we decided to put this technique to the test with our popular Dead Ringer IPA kit fermented in the low 60s with Imperial Yeast L26 Pilgrimage. In this video, Chip & William sample the beer and discuss the effect of warm-fermented lager strains. They also enjoy a sample of a Impierial Kitchen Sink Saison that was fermented fairly warm with Imperial Yeast Napoleon B64, which opens the door to a conversation about how and when you might want to ramp up the temperature on your saison fermentation. #homebrew #lagerbeer #fermentation

Dead Ringer IPA Beer Recipe Kit:
* Extract:
* All-Grain:

Brew in a Bag Starter Kit:

00:00 – Introduction
01:30 – Dead Ringer IPL Brew Day
04:10 – Tasting Notes & Discussion
07:15 – Imperial Kitchen Sink Saison Brew Day
09:13 – Tasting Notes & Discussion
12:19 – Wrap-Up
14:56 – Blooper

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For 2.75 gallons Brew in a Bag
OG: 1.064 (1.048 before late addition of DME in boil)
FG: 1.005
ABV: 7.8%
IBU: 22

GRIST (Mashed at 152F)
5.5 lbs Belgian Pils Malt
4 oz Victory Malt
2.4 oz Adiculated Malt

0.5 German Tradition – 60 min
1.0 Nobility Blend – 5 min

0.5 lb Pils DME at end of boil

Imperial Yeast B64 Napoleon
Pitched at 82F, lowered ambiently in garage to 72-75 for bulk of fermentation

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