It feels like it has been forever since we had the opportunity to sit down with John Leone from ROAK, and it was four years ago on Episode 22. No longer the new guy on the block as they enter their fifth year, we take the opportunity to catch up. He brings in new President of ROAK and Dark Horse (now named Michigan Brewers Union) and we get a historical look on his journey through craft beer at Dogfish Head, BrewDog USA, and Virtue Cider. John uses the opportunity to clear the air about some misconceptions happening with the merger of the two breweries, we discuss in short what happened with the Right Brain buyout, and Adam chats about what we should see upcoming for the two breweries in the next few years. We also try some amazing ROAK beer!

00:00- Introductions
05:34- Introduction to Adam Lambert
10:30- Cent’Anni Review
16:14- Dark Horse Acquisition
22:08- Craft Beer Loyalty
29:10- Michigan’s Craft Beer Problem
40:56- Mint Milkshake IPA Review
44:40- Upcoming Changes at Dark Horse
55:20- Drinking At Home
57:54- Beer Crazes and IPA Builds
1:11:34- Giving Your Old Self Wisdom
1:14:03- Right Brain Buyout Falling Through
1:17:26- Beer Festival Fatigue
1:28:43- Blow Your Face Out Review
1:32:53- Final Thoughts

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BAD Brewing Grape Cider
3 Floyds BA Behemoth (Willett) 2017
ROAK Brewing Cent’Anni
ROAK Brewing French Toast Devil Dog
ROAK Brewing Blow Your Face Out
ROAK Brewing Mint Milkshake IPA
Modern Times Orderville
Corona Extra

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