This presentation will focus on three topics:

1. A brief exploration of various small brewery models
2. A review of the most important financial metrics to small breweries
3. An explanation of ‘Pitch Deck’ structure and concepts for those breweries who are either still in the opening stage, or those who are seeking additional investment for their next stage of growth.

I will be focusing mainly on strategies and topics most relevant to small local breweries (those producing less than 3,000 or so bbls per year), wherein over-the-counter *retail* sales are the largest percentage of gross revenue.

My name is Cameron Johnson – formally, I am a designer with my Master’s Degree in Architecture, but informally (and, just between us, more passionately) I am the head brewer at Barlows Brewery in Vancouver, WA. My first foray into professional brewing began in Spokane, WA, where I opened Washington‘s first co-op Incubator Brewery space in 2016. I have also worked as a Mechanical Designer at several custom brewery equipment providers in the Pacific NW. In my spare time, I present at conferences to share what I’ve learned about brewery design, small brewery business planning, and marketing and branding your beer. I have also had the opportunity to be an occasional contributing writer for Brew Your Own Magazine’s ‘Nano Brewing’ column, wherein I cover topics from branding to alternative brewery business models. Cheers!

Join us in-person for CBP Connects | Half workshop, half networking
St. Louis, MO | June 20-22, 2022
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