Thanks for watching! This is a new series wherein I get to showcase some of my favorite home-brews and share the recipe. This particular beer is super unique but was extremely fun!

Here is a breakdown of the full beer recipe in this video:
5 Gal/19L Recipe
OG 1.078 FG 1.022 7.9% ABV
9lb 2 row Brewer’s Malt
3lb Flaked/rolled Oats
2lb Wheat Malt
1lb Lactose(boil 5 min.)
Single infusion mash @ 156F(69C) for 60 minutes – into 30 minute boil.

Kettle Hops:
.25oz Magnum(13.5aa) for 30 min.
1 oz Citra(13.2aa) & Amarillo(7.7aa) @ flame out(rest @ 190F for 15 min.)
Dry Hops:
2oz Amarillo(7.7aa) @ high krausen for 3 days
3oz Amarillo(7.7aa) & 2oz Comet(10aa) @ 36F for 48 hours.

46oz Strawberry Concentrate after fermentation slows/ in secondary.
Here is the one I used:
Add 3oz Pure vanilla extract @ packaging
OR soak 2 split vanilla beans in vodka for 3 days, then add to fermenter for 3-5 days.

Yeast used:
1 Pack Lallemand Voss Kveik Dry yeast(or similar fast-fermenting yeast)
Pitch dry between 90-100f, Ferment at 95F for quick turnaround.
Starter suggested but I did not use one.

Start with RO or distilled water, Ensure sulfate-chloride radio of about .5

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