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It’s August but why am I thinking about winter? Well for thousands of years that’s what humans did in order to survive the colder months of the year. It wasn’t until very recently with the invention of refrigeration and the explosion of the modern food industry have we’ve departed from the ancient food preservation techniques that were used to preserve and eat nutrient rich food all year round.

Well it turns out, we actually adapted to eat preserved food and not just fresh food all year round. Fermentation unlocks certain nutrients that aren’t available in fresh food that can provide major health benefits by consuming them in your diet.

In this video, I’ll be focusing on one specific fermentation technique called lacto fermentation (yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut) that converts starches in your food to lactic acid. By learning a simple formula of salt and water, you can pretty much take any fresh veggie you find in the market and preserve it to unlock incredible flavors and health benefits in your food!

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