You’ll be shocked by the difference in flavor and aroma produced by fermenting your homebrew with the new Thiolized Series of yeast strains from Omega Yeast Labs. To see just how much of an impact you can expect, we brewed an epic batch of our popular Swig of Sunbeams Double IPA recipe kit, then split it between the kit’s default yeast West Coast Ale I and each of the four thiolized yeasts: Cosmic Punch Ale, Helio Gazer Ale, Star Party Ale, and Lunar Crush Lager. Chip & William recap the brew day and drop some educational tasting notes on each of the five versions, plus share some new information that’s come to light regarding thiols and brewing and fermentation. #thiols #thiolizedyeast #homebrew #northernbrewer #omegayeast

Thiolized Swig of Sunbeams Beer Recipe Kit (Choose Your Own Thiolized Yeast!)
* Extract
* All-Grain –

Omega Thiolized Yeast Strains

00:00 – Introduction
01:33 – What are Thiols?
02:33 – Swig of Sunbeams Brew Day & Fermentation
05:52 – Batch 1: West Coast Ale I (Control Group)
07:31 – Batch 2: Cosmic Punch Ale
09:01 – Batch 3: Helio Gazer Ale
10:58 – Batch 4: Star Party Ale
13:15 – Batch 5: Lunar Crush Lager
15:21 – Mash Hopping with Wet Hops
17:00 – Thiolized Takeaways & Favorite Brew
19:51 – Closing Thoughts

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