Adam Mills, Head Brewer at Cartridge Brewing discusses tips, tricks, hacks, and all other algorithm pleasing ways of approaching fermentation temperature control. This is an edited clip from my July 2022 Livestream.

Instagram: @adam_makes_beer ~ @jungbrudekk

Hello, I am Adam! I am Head Brewer at Cartridge Brewing outside of Cincinatti, OH. I am a former high school and university educator, and I have been making beer for a living for over a decade. My goal here is to give a behind-the-scenes look into the craft brewing industry, and to share any knowledge I have. I am not the perfect brewer, but I am always pushing myself to get better and to learn more. I have an amazing team behind me, my Assistant Brewer, Maggie, and Josh, our cellarperson and packging lead. Our goal in the brewhouse is to always aim for the bullseye, knowing we will never hit it. That mantra keeps us focused on continual growth, and helps us appreciate the journey of improving as brewers.

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