Extreme hot weather, lack of CO2, how are we expected to brew beer like this? Well I have a way to take care of both those issues and brew up a crispy Italian Pilsner and then infuse it with limoncello for the ultimate thirst quencher to beat the heat!

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EQUIPMENT [Affiliate Links]:
Floating Dip Tube:

Spunding Valve:
Digital Pressure Gauge:
Pressure Valve:
T Fitting:
Gas Connects:

Recipe for 4.25 gals (16L):
-6 gals (22.7L) Water
-93% Pilsner [~7 lbs]
-7% Caramunich [~8oz]
– 1oz (28g) Perle @30 mins
-0.33oz (9g) Perle @Flameout
– 0.77oz (22g) Perle @24 hours dry hop
– OPTIONAL: Add homemade limoncello to your taste
-SafLager w-34/70
Mash @ 148ºF (~64ºC) for about 45 mins
Boil for 30 mins
Ferment around 70ºF (~21C) for 5 Days
Original Gravity: 1.046
Final Gravity: 1.008
ABV: 5%
IBUs: ~25

0:00 HOT & NO CO2??
0:47 Lagers and Heat
2:12 How to Pressure Ferment
3:16 Italian Pilsner
4:29 Recipe
8:16 Limoncello
10:04 Beat the Heat

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