2022 is turning out to be the Year of Cold IPA, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. If you’ve never tasted or even heard of one, Chip & Abby peel back the layers of the hop cone and tell you what we have learned about this emerging beer style, why we love it, and how to go about brewing one at home – including two homebrew recipes from pro brewers. #ColdIPA #homebrew #beer

Cold IPA Article with Two Homebrew Recipes and More Resources:

00:00 – Some Love and Hate for Cold IPA
03:30 – What is a Cold IPA?
04:55 – What is a Cold IPA *not*?
09:11 – Tasting Notes: Thawless Victory Cold IPA
13:14 – Tasting Notes: Chillum Cold IPA
15:52 – Last Thoughts / Beer Kit Coming Soon!

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