Bud Light, but BETTER. And FASTER. And EASIER? This is how to brew a super-crushable American Lite Lager that tastes better than Bud and be drinking it in only a week. Using Lutra Kveik, this beer was officially grain to glass in 3 days, but I let it clarify for a few more days to drink it on day 7! The cherry on top? Its only 110 calories!
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Recipe for 5 gallons, your efficiency may vary:

“Lutra Lite”

4.3% ABV 13 IBU

6 lb BestMalz Heidelberg Pilsner Malt (75%)
2 lb Flaked Rice (25%)

Single Infusion Mash at 148 F (64 C)

Water (ppm): Ca: 24, Mg: 3, Na: 22, SO4: 49, Cl: 36, HCO3: 23
Add 2g Gypsum, 1g Epsom, 1g CaCl, 1g NaCl, and 1g Baking Soda to 8 gal (30 L) of distilled water

60 minute boil
60 min – Add 0.5 oz (14g) Mt. Hood (6.1% AA)
10 min – Add 0.25 oz (7g) Mt. Hood

OG: 1.037

Yeast: Lutra Kveik (Be sure to include a large amount of yeast nutrient for good fermentation with this yeast)

Ferment at 85 F (29 C) for 3-7 days, then clarify with cold side finings or lager for 3-4 weeks.

FG: 1.005
0:00 Intro and Welcome
1:02 Style Description and Approach
2:07 Recipe
6:50 Mash
8:00 Boil and Yeast Pitch
9:02 Fermentation Plan
12:42 Fermentation Follow-Up
13:56 Pour and Tasting Notes
21:19 Potential Improvements
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