The PS5 has been officially hacked & Sony is okay with it. Confused? Well, we have the answer as to why Sony is okay with it & how Sony played a role in releasing the step-by-step instructions to hack/jailbreak the PS5.

Furthermore, we got our first-look at the Super Mario Movie & we have thoughts on the voice actors, the visual direction, and how the movie will pay homage to the original game’s narrative.

We discuss.

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Start: 0:00
Sony Approves PS5 Hack: 1:00
PS5 Piracy/Homebrew: 8:00
Xbox Hack? – 13:00
What Can You Do with Hacked PS5: 18:00
Why Disclose Exploits?: 28:00
Mario Direct Reactions: 38:00
Mario Movie Story: 45:00
Streamlabs: 59:00


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