CRAFT BEER PODCAST INFO: Zane joins us to talk about his upcoming stand up tour, winning a CBMA award, his wives pet rescue, and we end the show turning the table onto him giving him a six pack challenge for a $100 donation to Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue. You have to listen to see if he won!

00:00- Introductions
03:02- Introduction to Zane Lamprey
05:23- Zane’s YouTube & Stand Up Tour
10:00- Pumpkin Patch Pet Rescue
12:24- Drink Culture & Changes
24:34- Winning CBMA 2020 Man of the Year
31:18- Making a Comedy Set
40:30- Drinking Made Easy Story
44:20- Drinking, Traveling, and Hiking
50:00- Chat Questions
51:23- Six Pack Challenge

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